Nathan “Nugget” Purcell

nathan-nugget-purcellKnown just as much for his antics out of water as in the water, Nugget surfed how he lived his life, Crazy and unpredictable. One of the most fearless guys to ever surf Shark Island to this day, he was also the driving force behind the creation of the Shark Island Challenge and Super Tour.

Matt Percy

matt-percyMatt has been credited by some of todays best bodyboarders as having the best style of his era. Flawless and effortless, Matt was one of the first ever professional soul-surfing bodyboarders, making a living out of shunning competitions in favour of getting photos and footage in the magazines and videos for his sponsors.

Dave Ballard

dave-ballardAlthough Dave enjoyed much success at national and international competitions, his biggest impact on bodyboarding was by being the one of the first ever truly versatile bodyboarders, excelling at both dropknee and prone riding. He was the face of Australian bodyboarding in the 80’s and 90’s riding for brands like Oakley, Reebok, Morey and a decades long association with Billabong.

Adam “Wingnut” Smith

adam-wingnut-smithThe grommet of the group, Adam was charging huge Shark Island at the tender age of 12 and was touted by many in the know as a future world champion. He revolutionised bodyboarding by creating a board for the younger generation, which is still to this day, the most popular Signature board of all time.

Christian “Rissole” Riguccini

christian-rissole-rigucciniFollowing in Matt’s footsteps, Christian never dreamed of winning competitions, but spent his time chasing big waves around the world. At the receiving end of an endless stream of grommet abuse from the older guys of the group, Christian let his surfing do the talking winning the Shark Island Challenge in 1999.

Mark Fordham

mark-fordhamAlthough Mark never enjoyed much competition success, he travelled extensively searching for the heaviest waves he could find and was the brains of the group. He formed a partnership with Nugget to create the Shark Island Challenge, which fast became the jewel in bodyboarding competitions crown. Mark’s innovative approach to running the event with little resources was the catalyst for the world tour being run in waves of consequence over small wave beaches.